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Ever since I was a child, the world of design has fascinated me. I would always search for new and innovative designs around me, actively looking for a series of adventures that could go beyond my wildest dreams of becoming a designer. I see the designers going above and beyond to bring their ideas into reality. I am not only passionate about creating visuals but also experiences. As a designer, I firmly believe that anyone can communicate their various experiences and relate to one another through the world of design. ✨

TDC68 Typographic Excellence Award
(Type Directors Club)

Graphis New Talent Award
1x Gold , 4x Silver

3x Comm Arts Typographic Excellence
(Communication Arts)

Henry Wolf Scholarship
(School of Visual Arts)

Silas H. Rodes Merit Scholarship
(School of Visual Arts)

High Term Honors
(School of Visual Arts)
2020-2022; every semester

Academic Excellence Scholarship

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