Doah Kwon

Do “ah.” When do you say “ah”? Whenever I design and come up with solutions, I am like, “AH! I got this!”

Brand Identity
1.  A24
2. Noguchi Museum
3. The Carter Center
4. Tadao Ando
5. Jet Setter
6. Bodega

1. Baskit
2. Runmill
3. Fodo




Lutein is a typographic packaging that illustrates four different pills for eye health. In order to stand out among other pills packages, the typeface is large, toned down, and modern.


Getting enough essential nutrients is paramount to improving health. Swallowing pills can be cumbersome for some people. WaterX is a water-based supplement-infused drink, which helps you avoid taking a dozen pills each day.

Burning Grill

Can you handle spicy burger? The illustrations add a unique and retro vibe to the restaurant and anyone can customize their spiciness and have burning experiences!
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Brooklyn Bookfair

To clearly convey the event, typography and illustration reference the images of books to create a strong visual identity.

Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park is a private park in New York City known for its exclusivity and distinguished identity as a symbol of elegance and prestige.

Collection of Works

This is a collection of some works from 2022-2021. Enjoy!