Doah Kwon

NYC based designer. Currently at Wolff Olins and previously designing with Pentagram.

Brand Identity
1.  A24
2. Noguchi Museum
3. Tulsa
3. The Carter Center
4. Tadao Ando
5. Jet Setter

1. Baskit
2. Runmill
3. Fodo



Tadao Ando

Brand Identity 2022

- TDC 68th (Certificate of Typographic Excellence)

Custom wordmark and typeface for Tadao Ando. Based on his geometric and angular works, I tried to reflect his architecture in the typeface so put emphasis on negative space. I was inspired by geometric shapes within the architecture such as triangles, diamonds, and rectangles, and encompassed the shapes into the design applications. As Tadao Ando’s works are achromatic color, I used colors that remind the audience of concrete colors.